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Aqua Lung Ceramiqskin Short Sleeve

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Aqua Lung Ceramiqskin Short Sleeve

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Aqua Lung Ceramiqskin Short Sleeve

The CeramiQskin range of undergarments includes the most advanced Aqua Lung garments available, so you can wear them under your wet or waterproof suit to stay warm during cold water dives. They can also be worn alone during warm water dives. The material used is an extremely technical fabric that offers a high level of thermal protection, zero buoyancy and a feeling of extreme comfort. This comfort is the result of ceramic technology applied to the trilaminated fabric composed of polyester / elasthane on the outside, then a polyurethane (PU) membrane and fleece inside. This range includes tops (short and long sleeves), and pants.

  • Tri-laminated fabric: polyester / elasthane on the outside, PU membrane with ceramic technology in the middle and fleece fabric against the skin.
  • The breathable PU membrane facilitates the transfer of moisture from the inside to the outside, but forms a watertight barrier from the outside to the inside.
  • Ceramic technology: uses a mixture of 30 metal oxides derived from volcanic rocks, heated to 1600 ° C and mixed with a polyurethane binder. The paste obtained is applied on a PU membrane, allowing it to capture the far infrared emitted by the body and send back to it. This helps keep you warm, activates your microcirculation and offers you an excellent level of comfort.
  • The fleece fabric is against the skin, for comfort and warmth.
  • Buoyancy: No need to add ballast.
  • A silicone band on the inside edge of the top keeps everything in place.
  • Fabrics are made in France. They respect all the recommendations of the European REACH regulation (no banned chemical is used) as well as the OEKO-TEX global label.
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